The Benefits of our Race Team

Sometimes projects require special deadlines or attention by true professionals who refuse to surrender quality in pursuit of the final goal. This is the Race Team. Available only at Focus 360.

Deep within our ranks lie team members designated for special assignments at a moment’s notice. They are long on experience, dedication, knowledge, and talent. Many have been with us a long time, enabling them to master their crafts and establish long-term relationships within the industry. Every resource is utilized to achieve a project’s success.

Benefit 1

Do not let tight deadlines sacrifice quality. We have worked on thousands of projects and ten of thousands of renders. In that time, we have learned that not all deadlines are the same. This specialized team is equipped to succeed even on shortened schedules.

Benefit 2

Time is money. Save time with a dedicated all-star team devoted exclusively to your custom project needs.

Benefit 3

Kickstart your project at any phase. Bring in our special forces to gain the ground you need to keep your project moving at the pace you need.

Benefit 4

Tackle special challenges with expertise by enlisting our deep knowledge of products, process, and industry.

Benefit 5

Bolster the depth of your team by partnering with the best of the best within our ranks.

Ready to Make Your Builder Virtual?

Let’s discuss your budget, timing, and objectives to build out the best virtual experience for your brand. We have a ton of custom or off the shelf options ready to explore with you.

Architectural Renderings

Bring your design to life before it’s even built with our award-winning Architectural Renderings.

We produce interiors, single-family and multi-family elevations, amenities, custom buildings, lifestyle environments, and much more.

Model Homes

Award-winning Virtual Model Homes by Focus 360 allow your customers to experience what their home will look like before it is built, including custom finishes and textures.


Easy to use, interactive software that helps builders accelerate sales, increase customer engagement, streamline assets, and generate better leads.